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the northernmost

In 2014, General Electric engaged The Barbarian Group to document the use of GE equipment in one of the most remote places in the world: Hammerfest, Norway. 

Hammerfest is known as "the northernmost town in the world" and the team had very few reference images for what we should expect upon our arrival. I worked with the creative teams to prepare moodboards and ideal shot lists, all the while knowing we knew very little about what we were about to get ourselves into.

What we found was a captivating mix of man + nature on a small island called Melkøya, where GE equipment was used to transport natural gas from Snøhvit, a natural gas field in the Norwegian Sea, 87 miles away from Melkøya.

Upon our arrival, we were informed that our time within the natural gas facility would be limited to a mere eight hours with one photographer instead of our anticipated three-day production utilizing three photographers. Undaunted by this change, the crew enlisted the assistance of some friendly Norwegian fishermen to let us on their boat so we could get exterior shots of the facility and its behemoth transport vessel: The Arctic Princess.

On our last day in Hammerfest, we were rewarded with a spectacular aurora borealis sighting, waist deep in snow at 3am, mere hours before our departure flight to Oslo.

I produced this shoot with the help of two excellent photographers: Finn Beales and Reuben Wu. 

All photos below provided courtesy of Reuben Wu.

Director: Reuben Wu

Music: Reuben Wu

Editor: Terry Huynh

Colour: Reuben Wu